Our results

Reward from the Minister

In October 2014, Mr Zoltán Balog, the Minister for Human Resources awarded a Diploma to the Hunfalvy János Bilingual Secondary Vocational School of Economics and Trade to acknowledge its outstanding pedagogical achievements.

Competitions between schools

The students of the schools have continuously achieved excellent results both in the national and the Budapest competitions. They succeeded in taking part in the final round of the National Competitions for High School Students in several subjects. In 2014 Szendi Zsombor won first prize in the Russian language.

High above the national average in the national competency assessment

It was the tenth time the 10 grade students had been evaluated in the national competency assessment in 2014 to measure their skills in reading comprehension and in mathematics.

Final examinations

In the period of final examinations for the spring of 2015, the students of the Hunfalvy school ACHIEVED SIGNIFICANT RESULTS. They had achieved the best results for the previous ten years. The average grade of the school leavers in the intermediate and high level examinations was 4.23 as compared to the national average of 3.57.

Professional training

As a result of high level and efficient professional training in Economics, 8 Hunfalvy students were invited to the final round of the National Competition in Economics in 2015, and finally from among the 30 best students from Hungary the first three places were awarded to the Hunfalvy students.

Lifelong Eco-school

On 13 December 2014, Principal Mr Tibor Plánk received a Honorary Diploma awarded to the school by Mrs Czunyi Dr Judit Bertalan, Secretary of State for Public Education (Ministry of Human Resources) and Mr Attila István Simon, State Secretary of Public Administration (Ministry of Agriculture).