Professional training

Besides a high level academic and language tuition there is professional vocational training in economics in the school. In the first two years the students study basic economics and law and set up their own business venture, which makes it possible for them to get acquainted with the basic terminology of economics and the world of work.  


 In the following two years they study statistics, accountancy, finance and taxation. This training is complemented by some practice in the school training office where economic knowledge can be acquired through a complex business simulation.

During the four years  the students learn management skills as well, where besides touch-typing they acquire a good knowledge of using software and operating appliances in offices and the competences necessary for entering work.


 The students in bilingual classes study economic, legal and financial basics in the target language.


 At the school-leaving exam they take an exam in basic economics, which is the fifth subject, and together with the certificate of final examination they obtain qualifications which entitle them to take up an occupation.



After the matura exam completing a one-year course they can obtain NQR certificates in the following fields: business and payroll administrator, budgetary affairs administrator or non-profit professional manager. These trades are of advanced level, No.54 NQR ones, so besides taking up a job the students are entitled to get extra points at the entrance exam in case of specialized further education.