A 130-Year-Old School and Its Traditions

The mentality of the economic life and education policy of the Age of Dualism established the secondary vocational school specialized in trade in 1884. The founders’ aim was to provide high-quality education for the children of the citizens living in Buda.

 “The purpose of the secondary vocational school is to provide essential general education for young students who are going to choose a trading career, and to offer them the necessary skills required in their future job.”
(The Royal Directorate-General for Secondary Vocational Schools, 1884)



The school building

In 1895 the city decided to build an independent school and in the following year a 2200m2 plot was purchased from the Capuchin Order. Construction began on the 12th of September, 1898 under the direction of Ármin Hegedűs and on December the 15th of the same year the roof was raised! The inauguration ceremony of the first school year was held on the first of September, 1899.


The school flag

Many of the heirlooms of the school, including the school flag, are imbibed with the values upon which the school was founded. The school flag radiates a message from the past to the present: "Dear Youth! You, who now sit on the hard school benches, struggling with various academic subjects, let the flag inspire you to diligence and persistence!" (Dr. Ferenc Nagyőszi, teacher, 1907)


The Bust of Hunfalvy

At the main entrance of the building we can see the bust of the 50-year old  geographer in his prime. There is a story behind the statue. Certain beliefs have been related to it since generations of students. The bust was popular from the first moment. Since the unveiling a special ritual has been tied to it: the one who strokes the nose in the morning upon entering the school will not have to give an oral report that day.

SCHOOL HISTORY 1884 - 1945

Our school was founded in 1884, and with this act János Hunflalvy’s proposal, which had been made in front of the members of the Civil Circle of Buda, could become a reality. In 1885, the school received the title Commercial Secondary School and a decade later, the school became a higher commercial school.

School history 1945-1964

The siege of Buda ended on the 13th of February, 1945. The district and our school suffered much damage. Several bombs hit the school building and 70% of the stores and equipment were destroyed.

SCHOOL HISTORY 1965 - 1985

The Kádár era from 1965 to 1985 in respect of content and form was based on the educational reforms 1945-50. The system established in  that period was complemented twice during the abovementioned era. 

SCHOOL HISTORY 1986 - 2015

In the next decade we introduced higher level training in the following fields: first, trade and foreign exchange management administrator, as well as bank clerk, then foreign trade sales manager, foreign trade business administrator, customs administrator, manager secretary, EU desk officer, international shipping and logistics manager.