Nyeste Zsolt

ICT-Based Classes


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Course organiser: 

Paris (France)

8-12/ 08 / 2023 



Where was I and why (what was the motivation)?

I chose an ICT course to further my ICT skills (after all, there is always a newer, faster, better, more complex application:) ), as ICT skills are useful when teaching any subject, and to exchange experiences with colleagues from other schools with similar interests.

About the course

The course was held in Paris, organised by a Turkish-based institution that runs courses for teachers on 21st century skills, gamification, ICT and other exciting topics. Before the course, our teacher had to go home suddenly, so they sent someone to replace her. She tried her best to deliver the course material, we were given an exhaustive information pack on the French education system, useful ICT tools and gamification.  There was also a joint scavenger hunt using the Actionbound app.

How will I use it in my school?

A későbbiekben a kincskereső alkalmazás használatában szeretnék elmélyülni jobban, és lehetőség szerint a valamilyen szabadtéri program formájában beépíteni a nyelvóráimba, de gondolkodom azon is, hogyan lehetne vele a magyarórákat izgalmassá tenni.

Afternoon programmes, EU principles

I was able to explore the city comfortably, visiting countless museums and historical sites, so I was able to immerse myself in the European dimension of the course. I learned about the history of Paris and the region, visited the most important sites of historical importance (e.g. the Invalides, the Cité) and was surprised to discover the great diversity of the city: people from different cultural backgrounds, of different ethnic groups, living together in the city, and the common bond between them is the French language. It was very interesting to see how diverse the different neighbourhoods of the city are and how this diverse crowd lives together in peace. The other surprising thing was the presence of sustainability in everyday life, such as the frequent use of alternative energy sources in transport (biogas, solar energy), the replacement of paper-based disposable tickets in public transport or sustainable fashion. Second-hand shops are much more appealing and tasteful than domestic markets and show that it is possible to be sustainable in fashion.

Digitalisation goes hand in hand with sustainability in Paris: what struck me most was that in museums and other cultural venues (e.g. Montparnasse cemetery), expensive and not very environmentally friendly brochures and maps are almost non-existent, and instead, with a simple smartphone and internet connection, you can scan a QR code on the wall and get a map or an audio guide. Small but practical, and how much less impact on the environment!

Short conclusion

Overall, this year's course was a positive experience. As for the course, I was able to improve my ICT skills, and we made a good team with my colleagues. And the cultural activities not only gave me the chance to discover beautiful places, but also gave me ideas to simplify my own work (e.g. using QR codes). And it is already an exciting challenge to see how I will incorporate treasure hunt games into my lessons.