About the project

About the project

This strategic partnership between Poland, Spain, Hungary and France highlights four emblematic people and events that made European history : Marek Edelman, Miguel Hernandez, Kertèsz Imre and Jean Moulin, a doctor and writer who initiated Warsaw ghetto uprising, a poet, a writer who witnessed the holocaust and a resistant. The aim is to arouse the cultural interest of the participants for their own history, for other countries, in short for European history. This is an original way to pass on essential European values like courage, respect and tolerance while keeping memory of the past, then to improve students' skills in languages and IT, motivate them. Four learning mobilities will enable them to confront their productions and eventually commonly produce the same time line setting out these four people in each country. Parents, the school communities, local, regional, national administration representatives, the press will be regularly involved in the various steps of this project.



The basic idea is to get them involved to fight against dropping out and demotivation, to change the way their consider themselves. We hope the example given by these four people will make them open-minded and eager to consider the essential European values of courage, respect and tolerance as theirs. We also hope they will improve their skills in foreign languages, multicultural communication and ICT.
Secondly our purpose is to get their parents involved in their studies and proud of their children.



Two preliminatory meetings attended by school directors and two teachers set up the basic organisation. 
Three transnational meetings will allow teachers to confirm the chosen objectives, improve assessment tools, budget control tools and confirm the impact tools (one in France, half-way assessment in Alicante and final assessment in Budapest)
Four learning mobilities will be preceded by a preparatory period to enable the students of the four classes to learn about the symbolic person of the country they will visit. During each mobility, the students will make a presentation, a quiz, do a sketch, roleplays, design posters, discuss the films previously watched... commonly prepare the final exhibition setting out the four emblematic people and add entries to the trilingual blog of the scheme.



The final time line setting out the four emblematic people and the European values they embody will be available on Twinspace as well as all the student's activities and productions all along the project.