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Hunfalvy, like any  outstanding school, has its own, unique image.  We are both identified and differentiated from others by the components of this image: wide international connections, traditions of 138 years, permanence, vocational training, high level foreign language education. 


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Tibor Plánk 

About us

Nomen est omen - In the heart of Budapest for 140 years

Hunfalvy is a secondary school with great traditions dating back to 140 years. Since its foundation it has been providing training in economics and trade in Buda only a few steps away from the bank of the Danube near the Széchenyi Chain Bridge.

Hunfalvy the best secondary vocational school of economics in the year 2023

According to the 2023 , Hunfalvy is the best secondary vocational school of economics in our country and at the same time the best one in Budapest. It is based on the results of the national competency test, the matura exam, entrance examinations and subject competitions.

Baránszky Jób László, a former teacher of our school (1923-1945)

"… located in central Budapest with its back turned on the capital’s boisterous squares, streets, bars, night clubs and the Parliament resides our school. Like a steady, stabile carack at the corner of Szalag and Ponty street, turning its tower-capped nose towards the Buda Castle. Although its location in the oldish part of the city, in Víziváros, may seem slightly conservative, it is an uncompromising, devoted part of Hungarian yestertime."